Curriculum Vitae

F Luiz N R J da Motta-Teixeira

London EC1 - Clerkenwell

+44 (0) 20 7490 0026

MBACP (Accred & Reg) 630469

Qualifications & Training

  • Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy for Complex Cases - Tavistock Institute
  • MSc in Psychoanalytic Studies - UCL
  • CPCAB (Counselling & Psychotherapy Central Awarding Body) Level 4 Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling.
  • City University Student Voice Award. 
  • Birkbeck Certificate/Diploma in Psychoanalytic Psychology 
  • Courses:  Freudian Foundations, Major Schools (Classic, Kleinian, Object Relations, Bion, Independent, Winnicott, Bowlby, Attachment Theory, Lacanian and French School, American Ego Psychology and Relational, etc.), Sex & Sexuality, Bereavement & Mourning,  Trauma, Addiction, Contemporary Practice and Technique & Therapeutic Action, Philosophy and Applications (art, culture, society, etc.), Safeguarding, Mental Capacity Act, Clinical Governance, etc. 

Clinical Supervision 

  • Mr David Morgan (private - ongoing) 
  • Dr David Bell & Dr Birgit Kleeberg (Fitzjohn’s Unit, Tavistock and Portman Trust)
  • Dr Hiroshi Amino & Dr Julian Stern (Adult Department, Tavistock) 
  • Dr Jean Arundale (Monro Clinic, Guy’s Hospital)
  • Mrs Edna O’Shaughnessy & Mr Francis Greer (Seminar Series Fitzjohn's Unit)
  • Dr Hiroshi Amino (Study Group Fitzjohn's Unit)
  • Nigel Burch
  • Tania Glynn
  • Midge Seymour

Continual Professional Development

  • Mayfair Psychoanalytic Paper Presentation Group 2016/17/18/19/20
  • Psychotherapists in Private Practice Reading Group 2017/18/19/20
  • David Bell’s ‘History of Psychoanalytic Thinking’ – Tavistock 2016/17/18/19
  • Body & Trauma - Graham Music - Tavistock 2019/20
  • Melanie Klein Trust Conferences 2018, 2014, 2012 & 2010
  • UCL Winter Psychoanalytic Conferences:  2011, 2012, 2914, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019
  • The Polictical Mind series – Institute of Psychoanalysis 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018
  • KCL day Conferences Extreme States of Mind (2015), Presentations of Trauma (2014), Working with Disturbance (2012), The Price of Success (2011), The Suicidal Student (2010)
  • Self-Harm & Suicidality in Young Patients – Tavistock Institute 2016 
  • European Psychoanalytic Film Festival 2017
  • AUCC Conferences – Edinburgh 2010 & Liverpool 2008
  • Winnicott Trust Conference 2015
  • Anna Freud Centre – Critical Psychotherapy Conference – June 2015
  • BPC Conferences – June 2015 & June 2009
  • Barcelona Psychoanalysis and Politics Conference – Polyphonic Spaces – April 2015
  • UCL day conferences – War and Refugees 2015, Mapping PsychoAnalytic Affiliations 2016
  • LGBTQ Awareness Training for Psychotherapists – Dec 2013
  • Hana Segal Conference (Institute of Psychoanalysis) 2013
  • Homosexuality and Psychoanalysis Conference  BPC 2012
  • UCL Klein/Lacan Dialogues 2010/2011
  • Tavistock ‘Working with Difficult Patients’ (July 2010) & ‘Challenging Situations in the Therapeutic Room’ series (2009)
  • Portman Clinic – ‘Enactment – Working with Violent, Perverse, and Delinquent Patients’ – Jan/June 2010
  • Maudsley – Mentalisation Based Treatment – Dr Duncan McClean & Dr Giovanni Pollizzi – July 2010
  • Dr Rosine Perelberg – Psychoanalytic Perspectives on Violence – May 2010
  • Dr Margot Wadell – ‘Life Stages’ Developmental Perspectives in Psychotherapeutic Work – May 2010
  • Lacan Conference – UCL – May 2010
  • ‘Dark Forces’ series – Institute of Group Analysis – Jan/June 2009
  • ‘Violence and Creativity’ series – Society of Analytical Psychology – Jan/June 2009
  • Group Dynamics Residential Summer School – Birckbeck 2008

Current Employment

Psychotherapist & Assessor for the Adult Department, Tavistock & Portman Trust

Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist at Fitzjohns' Unit - Tavistock & Portman Trust

Previous Experience & Training

King's College London - Student Counsellor/Psychotherapist 

CITY UNIVERSITY Student Counselling Service

University of Law (Bloomsbury)  Counselling Service (students and staff)

GUY’s Hospital MUNRO Clinic 

PACE Mental Health Promotion Counselling Service 

WLCC – West London Centre for Counselling

Southwark Carers Counselling Service

ELOP – East London Out Project – Counselling Service

Presenting issues:  

Anxiety, Exam/Work Stress/Pressures, Competitiveness, Procrastination, Social Anxiety, safety anxieties, pervasive dissatisfaction, Panic attacks, Phobias, self-sabotage, Performance Anxiety, Generalised Anxiety, Phobias, Sleep Disorders, Eating Disorders, career/life decisions, Cultural Identity, Sense of Self, Self Confidence

Loss, Bereavement, Depression, Bereavement by suicide, Ageing, Mid-Life Crisis, Sense of Meaning, Doubts & Regrets (professional, educational  and personal choices/decisions), Post-Natal Depression, isolation & loneliness, lack of Self-Esteem, lack of Assertiveness, self-neglect, impending bereavement, Post-retirement Depression, professional failures, Suicidal feelings & ideation, Complicated Bereavement, unemployment, homesickness, Rejection, low Self-Esteem, Disappointment, Aphanisis, Acopia, Disability, Immigration/Displacement/Transitions and adaptation difficulties, Isolation, 

Relationship difficulties, Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity, pregnancy, Strict Religious upbringing, patterns of abusive R/Ss, problems with grown-up children and in-laws,  relationship break-ups (post and during), Trans Identity, Sibling Rivalry, Sexual difficulties, Marital/Family/Work conflict,  brewing resentment, abusive dependants, teenage children,  inability to engage in relationships, Social Services involvement, Child Protection issues, coming out & Homophobia, Mental Ill Health in the family, Repressed/Suppressed Anger & Aggression & Aggressive Fantasies/Phantasies,

Trauma, Bullying, Childhood Sexual AbuseChildhood Physical AbuseAbuse & AssaultPanic Attacks, PTSD, discrimination, bullying & harassmentPaedophilia, Rape Crisis, inability to re-engage in professional market, 

Personality Disorders and other Psychiatric Diagnoses, Bipolar Disorder, Forensic PotentialADHDSubstance Misuse, Community Mental Health Team supportrisk-taking behaviours, Internet addiction, etc. 

CPD:  Working with Personality Disorders, Autistic Spectrum, Eating Disorders, Body Dis-morphia, Treatment-resistant Depression, Internet Counselling, Working with Refugees and Asylum Seekers, Working with Trans-Identified Clients, On-line Counselling, Suicidality & Risk Assessment, Sexual Health, Substance Mis-use/Abuse/Dependency/Addictions, Working with Carers, Bereavement & Depression, Working with younger (14+) Clients, Community Support structures.

Additional Skills

I am also able to offer therapy in French, Portuguese and Spanish (and have a working knowledge of Italian and German). 

Previously a Corporate Manager for HSBC and British Airways: Finance Manager, HR Manager, Marketing Manager

Theatre (Sets and Costume) Designer +Exhibitions and Events (BA Hons Theatre Design Central Saint Martin’s).

Secondary School and College Languages and Literature Teacher/Lecturer (Joint Hons B Ed & PGD in French Studies).